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MAC Recruitment’s highly trained Account Managers and Technical Recruiters will ensure that the right consultant is placed in your position every time. All of our consultants are personally interviewed and validated through reference checks. We offer security checking and technical testing customized to your needs.
Whether you are looking for a single consultant or an entire project team, contract or permanent, count on MAC Recruitment to ensure that the right fit is made.

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Reduce Cost

In a volatile economy, reducing costs rises to the top of the to-do list quickly. Besides labor costs, the costs related to recruiting activities include advertising on job boards, background screening, applicant tracking systems, and recruiting technology. These costs are all rolled into one when companies outsource recruiting. And it’s usually less than trying to conduct an effective recruiting campaign in-house

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Focus On Core Business

Whether or not a company has a dedicated recruiter or some kind of recruiting function, most are not in the recruiting industry. Any recruiting tasks and activities will be outside of the core business functions and take resources from core business operations. When the recruiting process is outsourced to recruiting specialists, it doesn’t take anything away from core business activities and enables employers to find the talent they need without distractions from business operations.

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Improving Recruiting Effectiveness

With a competitive global job market, ongoing skills shortage, and limited locations for recruiting, it’s difficult for many organizations to find qualified candidates or improve their recruiting effectiveness with inhouse recruiting. They may not be able to achieve recruiting process improvements with existing staff and when urgent recruiting needs start to back up, there is no good way to get caught up with hiring. When they outsource recruiting, they benefit from recruiting firms’ ability to reach more candidates, access passive candidates that they may not otherwise be able to engage, and realize more efficient use of recruiting resources.

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A High Turn Over Rate

High turnover costs money in lost and interrupted productivity, lower customer service, and lower employee engagement. But turnover may have less to do with recruiting staff abilities or compensation and more to do with the recruiting function. Companies can address high turnover when they outsource recruiting to get better qualified candidates, and a better recruiting process from experienced, dedicated recruiters. Companies enjoy higher quality hires of candidates who are vetted and well-matched to the company’s openings and culture. When ongoing high turnover starts to strain a company’s resources, the decision to outsource can be a quicker, cheaper way to stop recruiting-related turnover.

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Rapid Growth

Companies experiencing rapid growth or seasonal spikes that make it difficult to meet recruiting needs often outsource recruiting to better control fluctuating recruiting activity’s impact on the business. Seasonal recruiting or periods of rapid growth or expansion strain existing staff and make in-house recruiting a huge challenge. Outside recruiting firms can take over an internal recruiting process with dedicated staff, more experienced recruiters, advanced recruiting technology, and social recruiting methods to meet unusual growth patterns.

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Corporate Recruiting & On-boarding

Companies with disjointed recruiting and on-boarding processes can benefit from the services that outsourced recruiting firms provide to integrate sourcing, recruiting, hiring, and on-boarding. When one department is recruiting, the hiring manager is responsible for hiring, and the human resources staff performs on-boarding, interruptions in candidate experience and recruiting efficiencies can cause problems in other areas of the company. Productivity and turnover are among the first business areas to suffer when recruiting and onboarding processes aren’t working.

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Better Research

Our creative methodology and extensive research make the difference. We rely primarily on tried and true recruiting practices, traditional referrals and networking in conjunction with relevant technologies. Our extensive internal database systems and a variety of web resources act as a supplement, but never as a substitute, for a careful and through search


Services That Shine

Finding the right fit means developing strong relationships with both clients and candidates. Understanding your needs and expectations are a critical step in the recruitment process. We have gained the trust and respect of both client of both clients and candidates by listening, working diligently and delivering on our promises. Our commitment to service is highlighted by the large number of clients that rely on us again and again


Finding Success

The right people drive your success, our expertise in recruiting and recommending the most talented individuals is recognized by our clients. In fact, client referral is the premier driver of our growth. Our success is mirrored by the success of our placements, which we are proud to say include some of the finest corporations and the most qualified individuals.

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